Profile of the Mayor

IMG_2593The functions of the Mayor are set out in the Municipal Structures Act. The mayor is elected by the Municipal council to co-ordinate the work of the Municipality. The Municipal Structures Act requires the Mayor to preside at meetings of the executive committee, performs the duties including any ceremonial functions, and exercises the powers delegated to him by the Municipal Council or the Executive Committee.


  • Identify the needs of the municipality and review and evaluate those needs in order of priority.
  • Recommend to the council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan.
  • Recommend or determine the best way to deliver those strategies.
  • Identify and develop criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of the strategies and programmes can be evaluated. Evaluate progress against the key performance indicators.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Review the performance of the municipality.
  • Monitor the management of the municipality’s administration in accordance with the directions of the municipal council.
  • Oversee the provision of services to communities in the municipality in a sustainable manner.

Public Participation 

  • Ensure that regard is given to public views and report on the effect of consultation on the decisions of the council.
  • Annually report to the council on the involvement of communities and community organizations.


  • Must report to the municipal council on all decisions taken by the executive mayor.


  • Perform such duties and exercise powers as the council may delegate to her or him.

Term of office 

  • One person may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms as mayor in the same council