Social Assistance


Assistance to Social Pensioners

The project was founded by Councillor Horn, the mayor in 1990, and assists needy pensioners in Bultfontein to survive in their own homes and to pay Municipal fees. Needy pensioners are assisted with donations from the community such as maize meal, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk and clothing.

Poor Evaluation Relief of Churches

The Social Worker is the co-ordinator of the different churches in Bultfontein and needy members are assisted with food and other donations from the different churches in Bultfontein. Thirty five families in Bultfontein receive assistance on a monthly basis.

Bultfontein Emergency Relief Fund

In August 1997 a special church service was held in Bultfontein for the purpose of establishing the Bultfontein Relief Fund. Special needs are addressed such as school-clothing, spectacles, emergency needs and support with funerals. The fund is audited on an annual basis.

Free State Caring [Formerly OVV]

This non-government organisation renders services to the Rinkink Nursery School and any other needy person not included in a formal project.

Community Clothing Bank

Donations of clothing, blankets, crockery, and furniture are collected and utilized for needs in the community. Project “Winterhoop” collected ± 60 blankets for needy people. The social worker is the facilitator and co-ordinator.

Itereleng Project for Adult Disabled People

The project was established in 1989 and is still operational.

Tshedisanang Day Care of Disabled Children

The project was established in 1997 by the social worker and has its own building and transport. It currently receives a government subsidy.

Itereleng Home Based Care

The national Department introduced this pilot project in 1999 and it has developed into a trustworthy and essential service for frail aged, frail disabled people and child-headed households. Approximately 122 people benefit from this service.

Helping Hands [Home Care]

A group of qualified, retired professional nurses started this project by training unemployed people to render home care services to frail people. They are not funded by Government and rely on donations, fund raising projects and financial support of the community. Hospice Home Care Sister Pepsi Maritz, a retired professional nurse, is rendering home care services to patients from hospital assisting with wound care, blood tests, tests for cancer, referral to specialists and medical care.

Assistance to Cancer Patients

Ms. Anita Nel is the co-ordinator and with assistance of other women do home visits to cancer patients, motivate them and assist with special needs like morphine, prostheses and counselling. The municipality has a very good relationship with the Cancer Association in Bloemfontein and Welkom.

Kopano Ke Matla: Place of Safety

The project was established in recognition of the need to care for children in difficult circumstances. The AGS church donated a vandalized house which was renovated through donations and hard labour. This place of safety will be a home to homeless children, placed with a court order and they will be well cared for. Children in conflict with the law and children with other possibilities for caring are excluded.


The Social Worker/Community Development Officer is involved in service delivery for the last three years. We are only involved in the following:

  • Pauper Funerals 
  • Home Gardens 
  • Poverty Alleviation Fund 
  • Home Care