Corporate Services

Corporate Services Directorate

The following departments are in the Corporate Services Directorate:

Secretariat and Facility Management
Archives and Customer Care
Human Resources

1. Secretariat and Facilities Management

Telephone: 051 853 1111
Fax: 051 853 1332

2. Archives and Customer Care

Operational Officer: 
Telephone: 051 853 1111
Fax: 051 853 1332

3. Human Resources

Human Resources Assistant
Telephone: 051 853 1111
Fax: 051 853 1332

The Human Resources function is a staff function aimed at providing the organisation with labour, and giving it specialised human resources services to help it to achieve the goals of the organisation.

The Human Resources section provides the following functions:

  • Human resources provisioning, comprising human resources planning, recruitment, selection, placement, induction and career management.
  • Human resources maintenance, comprising the determination of conditions of service, remuneration structures, record keeping , personnel turn-over, settlement of disputes, advisory services, employer-employee relations, social responsibility. Employment equity and performance assessment.
  • Human resources development comprises training and development for its staff.